Christmas grading successes for club

Students at High Peak Kyokushin Club celebrate their recent grading success.
Students at High Peak Kyokushin Club celebrate their recent grading success.

THE High Peak Kyokushin Karate club, based in Holloway, hosted the annual East Midlands grading event last weekend.

The examination was conducted by Shihan Jose Claronino, seventh Dan GB Branch Chief, and was held at Lea Green sports hall.

All the clubs in the area were invited to submit candidates for the grading, which Shihan Claronino takes once a year to ensure high standards are consistently maintained throughout the country.

High Peak had the biggest contingent taking part, which included students ranging from complete beginners to some who were attempting the highest grades there.

They were tested on basic techniques, moving in line performing kicks, blocks and punches, and all had to perform Kata appropriate to their grade.

For the first time, they were also asked to perform their “Favourite Kata” by themselves in front of everyone else, a truly nervewracking experience.

Fitness was tested by over 100 squats, 40 pressups, 40 situps and 50 squat jumps, demanding stuff for students whose ages ranges from 6 to over 40.

Each student was then required to demonstrate fighting ability, which what Kyokushin is all about, and a flexibility test to encourage the students to push themselves further in this essential area.

The grading lasted almost two hours and was, as usual with Shihan Jose, a very thorough and exhaustive test of all aspects of the style.

The club’s Senpai Pete Appleton was exceptionally pleased with the result, which was a resounding pass for the majority of the High Peak students, including a double grading for novice Helen Cross (nine) who was bumped up to 9th Kyu on her first grading ever.

Other results were: 10th Kyu (1st orange) to Alex Galvin, Daisy Challoner, Max Mayock, Katie Wiser and Chris Wiser; 9th Kyu (2nd Orange) to Anthony Chatfield, Sophie Chatfield, Amelie Wayte and Benji Wiberley; 8th Kyu (Blue Belt) to Tarn Buxton and Isabelle Chatfield; 7th Kyu (2nd Blue) to Elise Neville; and a fantastic 3rd Kyu (Green belt) to Oscar Scrase and Esme Bumby.

Pete Appleton added: “This is a great end to a great year for the club which has experienced terrific success in both competition and gradings and has recently grown with an enthusiastic new set of beginners.

“I hope and expect next year to be even more successful as High Peak goes into its seventh year.”