Derwent strikers overpower opposition

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Derwent Hockey Club 2nds 4

Sikh Union 2

Derwent’s first game of the season saw then earn a win with a strong attacking display.

A Derwent push back led to an even first half, with both teams creating chances.

Sikh Union held on to the ball for long periods of the opening 15 minutes, but thanks to solid defending from Steve King, Chris Rodgers, Tom Higton and James Wildgoose, they were unable to seriously attack the Derwent goal.

A quick counter by Steve Shortland led to a strong run and fantastic cross from the ever pacey Andy Mac, as he threaded the ball through to Neil English to sweep the ball home into the Sikh Union goal.

As Derwent began to settle, they controlled the ball well and looked like they had the ability to score again, only for an identical ball from Andy Mac to fall at the feet at Tom Leech, and with a huge sigh of relief from the Sikh Union defenders, he stopped it on the line and the keeper managed to recover to clear that ball.

After this, Sikh Union managed to gain control of the game again and, after some poor marking they managed to out the ball under a sliding Ed Berry to finish the half at 1-1.

Strong words from Neil English and Steve King revitalised Derwent and motivated them to not only dig deep for themselves, but to dig deep for the team.

Derwent quickly re-established control of possession and were able to retake the lead with strong play again from the offensive trio of Steve Shortland, Neil English and Andy Mac.

Two second half goals from Andy Mac and one from Steve Shortland, all supplied by the tireless Neil English, meant that with ten minutes to go, Derwent all but had the victory in the bag.

Determined work by Ben Morton in the middle and the back four meant that, although Sikh Union had control of the ball, they couldn’t gain control of Derwent’s 22. The small amount of shots they did have were excellently saved by Ed Berry. Sikh Union kept going until the final whistle and, although they managed to get themselves a consolation goal, a strong Derwent managed to end the day with three points in a 4-2 victory.