Detonators self destruct

While it has always be famous in the Matlock League as a must go table tennis venue, it has now become a popular destination for our previously based Chesterfield players.

Both Colin Deaton sides have now relocated to Cromford Community Centre to play their home matches including some individual players of note.

Jack Rice is one such talent who signed for the newly promoted Detonators team in Division One.

This week, joined by Paul Coles and Anthony Gregory, they faced the Cromford C.C. who were still smarting from their first week’s draw with Hopes Fulfilled.

The CCC left out the father and son combination of the Burtons and brought in Dean Clayton (2) and Pat Thorley (3).

Jack beat Dean in an epic encounter 11/8, 5/11, 11/5, 8/11, 17/15 which gave the Detonators the only set in a 9-1 defeat.

Tony Gregory (3) and Pat were both unbeaten although Pat did have a close five game match with Paul Coles.

Geoff Gill (3) retained his unbeaten record with another maximum, this week against Cromford Spireites.

He was in quite imperious form showing a clean pair of heels to all the Spireites players.

Both Tim Denby (1) and Jon Denby (1) won matches for the Spireites with Jon completing a fine win in five over Mick Padley (2) while Tim beat Andrew White (2) in a rather easier three games.

This could not stop the Whitworth side from winning 8-2 though which is some recompense for their first weeks loss against the Scorpions.

Behind every successful team is a captain with the wisdom to know that when he has got a richly talented side he is not afraid to drop himself for the greater good.

Andy Middleton did just that in favour of Martin Dean (3) knowing full well that the Hopes Fulfilled side were at full strength and bubbling after their surprise draw against CCC last week.

None of the Scorpions team disappointed their captain as they cruised to a 10-0 win.

The only down side to this performance was John Davies (3) who had a right old tussle with Dave Hill and after surviving five match points ran out the winner 6/11, 9/11, 17/15, 13/11, 11/7.

Melissa Slaney (3) looked every inch a champion in her debut for Still Hoping as she faced Pommy in Division Two.

In a match which gave spectators immense pleasure, Melissa filled her match with a range of eye catching shots many would be happy to watch all day long. Ian Dunsmore (2) and Brian Croasdale (1) help to secure a 6-4 win.

Division Three has the unusual record of having eight matches played, each one being a 5-0 victory.