Experience wins the day

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by Colin Ingley

Sunday’s celebration game between Matlock Water Polo Club’s over 30s and under 30s ended in a comfortable victory for the senior citizens, yet provided great experience for the team of tomorrow.

The 24-7 final result should not depress the younger members, according to coach Richard Sellors.

“This was a match between people who know the game and people who are still learning it.

“Apart from the occasion side of things and an enjoyable event for the club, it has proved to be a good learning experience.”

With yet more youngsters down for the junior taster session last Friday, these are promising times for the game of water polo and the club in general.

Adam Ellis, who was recently spotted at the Italy v Serbia Olympic semi-final game in London, believes that Matlock should adopt some of that stadium’s ideas to add excitement.

“I like the idea of tannoy announcements of the players to the crowd. We could do that.

“I also like the idea of dressing gowns, something we again could do. I also like the idea of different music being played at every goal being scored but unfortunately, at the moment, that would mean an awful lot of tunes!”

Ellis’s comments were believed to have escaped internal disciplinary action at the time of going to press.