Firsts see off the leaders in famous victory

Matlock 1sts 1

Northampton Ists 0

Matlock have played some excellent hockey this season but the team still found themselves languishing in ninth position out of ten, going into this match against league leaders Northampton.

However, Matlock have never really played like a team at the bottom of the table and were out to show why the table can sometimes tell a false tale.

Baileans took a while to settle with the opposition being allowed to pass the ball down the flanks and exploit the space in the middle. Dani Archer, playing in goal, made some crucial saves and was, without a shadow of a doubt, everybody’s man of the match.

Once the team had settled, there was little to pick between the two sides and half-time saw no score.

About ten minutes into the second half, Matlock were awarded a short corner which Sarah Archer slammed into the back of the net.

Northampton upped the ante but Matlock stayed disciplined.

The same could not be said of the opposition, who were getting riled, leaving the umpires to deal with their outbursts.

The drama could have had a nasty sting when a dubious short corner was awarded to Northampton on the final blow of the whistle but the score still remained at 1-0 to Matlock to complete a memorable and hard-earned victory.

The Baileans’ team all played their part in what was a fine win so congratulations to Dani Archer, Katey Honeyman, Claire Leach, Alice Cunningham, Lisa Beacham, Debra Greer, Jo Blackburn, Gemma Phipps, Nicola Martin, Becky Bowman, Sarah Archer, Ash Butterworth for their excellent display.