Get those entries in

by Brian Croasdale

Everything I do at the weekend seems to be tied to the business of table tennis and I must confess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week, as the Closed Championships are approaching, both myself and the real workhorses of the tournament, Mick Padley and Pat Thorley, are sifting through the entries, gearing up for a never-to-be-forgotten feast of the sport.

This event is due to take place at the Whitworth Academy, Darley Dale, on Sunday, April 15, and the sooner your entry is received the better.

Any day now, I expect to see the crowning of the divisional champions with Rowsley 08, Ever Hopefuls and May B’s in prime position.

In fact, you could say after this week, Division Three has already been decided and May B’s are already looking to life in Division Two by sounding out new players.

I am wondering if I should bite the bullet and take out my bat again. Half of me says “been there done that”, the other half can’t leave the sport alone. We will see!

I think Tony Gregory is a clever man.

He has experience, is canny and knows how to play but its also important for him to do well in Division One.

Unfortunately, the more you unite as a team, the stronger you get and this is just not happening for the CCC.

A refreshing novelty about Gregory is that, contrary to the rest of his side, his localised interest in the CCC makes him determined to do well.

Again this week, it was the case as he was the sole winner in his side’s 9-1 defeat to third place CDTTA A.

His five-game win over last year’s Mens Singles finalist Dave Kelly 8-11,11-9,11-2,9-11,11-9 was brilliant.

Big matches bring big results and this was some result, even though his side slumped to a 9-1 defeat.

In Division Two, reaching number one for Phillip Fisher was one thing but the challenge was always staying there.

This seems to have been achieved with relative ease as he takes the ball early and can put it anywhere. He scuttles from side to side tangling his opponent and eases through in relative comfort.

This week, the Ever Hopefuls beat Rapid Fire 8-2 with both Phillip and Louis Gay not dropping a game-.