GOLF COLUMN: Tips for finding the green quicker

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PGA Pro Sam Shaw, from Hayfield, gives out more tips in his latest weekly column.

Here’s a question: for the average golfer, how many times do you think they get the ball to the hole in a round of golf?

In other words, when they have a chance to get the ball to the hole and hit the shot, how many shots actually are hit long enough to get to the hole?

The answer is an average of three times in 18 holes.

This means only three shots a round does the average golfer select the correct club and hit it well enough to hit the distance they need.

Test yourself next time you play a round of golf.

Here’s an example: Playing a par 4 (350 yards), you hit a drive and have 150 yards left to the hole.

You select a seven iron and hit it. If the ball comes up hole high or longer, you have hit enough club.

If the shot is short of the hole, you have not. Count how many times you hit enough club/well enough to get to the hole.

The solution? Hit more club, especially early in the round when not “warmed up” yet, until you get the ball to the hole.