Golf students get boost from latest technology

Biomechanic tests at the Derby College Performance Golf Academy
Biomechanic tests at the Derby College Performance Golf Academy

Students on the Morley Hayes-based Performance Golf Academy Derby education and player development have recently benefited from the advantages of modern technology.

PGA Professional John Watson, from Total Golf Analysis, put each player through a biomechanical assessment know as 3D analysis.

This process provides scientific feedback to the coach to confirm how the body functions mechanically during the golf swing which the naked eye is unable to detect. To carry out these assessments Total Golf Analysis utilises the Golf BioDynamics (GBD) software developed by GBD founder Dr Robert Neal specifically for use in elite player development within golf.

The software associated with the system is market leading in real-time 3D swing analysis, assisting each player in developing a much greater understanding of their golf swing and highlights how direct improvements can be introduced to develop& improve force production, consistency and reduce future risk of injury.

The player wears a combination of wires and sensors that transmit data to the computer software during the golf swing. The Golf BioDynamics system produces cutting edge fully 3D rendered computer graphics.

Nigel Furniss, academy performance director, commented: “The 3D Biomechanical analysis is cutting edge technology which provides invaluable information on each players bodily function during the golf swing. It provides feedback for technical and physiological coaches to work out a plan of future improvements for each player.

“The 3d analysis system is an extremely useful tool when assessing and analysing a players movements during the golf swing, I first used this system in the England Training programme and in every case we see areas where a player can improve their efficiency”, which the naked eye is unable

This process is another example of how the Performance Golf Academy is at the forefront of player development in its use of cutting edge technological solutions.