Good showing for club’s kickboxers

Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy members.
Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy members.

Three fighters from the Wirksworth-based Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy Fight Club were in action last weekend.

The club, based out of the Wirksworth Leisure Centre, has performed well at the BLCC (British Light Continuous Council) before and this was no exception.

Tobi Wilkinson was up against Mitchell Abercrombie from Strike-force Gym in what he expected to be a tough fight due to his opponent’s record. But he had trained hard for this fight and battled through all three rounds and came away with a much deserved win for DKA.

Robert Osborne fought Chris Bishop from MSK MA.

Both fighters performed well and Rob’s superior speed and technical skills started to wear down his opponent, enabling him to keep the pressure on throughout the fight and walk away with a clear win for DKA.

Next up was Dan Lloyd, who fought Kent Hargreaves from Jesters Fight Club, Matlock.

Dan was involved in a very hard fight against a more experienced opponent.

Dan had a superb third round and it was a very close contest but Kent’s experience took him through to secure the win.

The fighting took place at the BLCC competition in Barnsley.

For details of forthcoming fights please check the club website at derbyshirekickboxingacademy.co.uk

Anyone wishing to train or learn more about kickboxing can call Richard on 07949 748 604.

You can also email the club at derbyshirekickboxingacademy@hotmail.com