Hopes are high at club

by Colin Ingley

Hopes were high prior to Matlock Water Polo Club’s first post-Christmas training session last night that the traditional weigh-in beforehand would produce lower figures after the rigorous pre-season training to date.

In the past few years, a set of scales has been produced after the seasonal celebrations, causing many to run away or shield their eyes during the process.

They are then brought out again prior to the first official game of the season to gauge progress or otherwise.

“We have less time to shed pounds this year as the start is so early this time,” remarked Andy Massey, who once promised a six-pack by June but didn’t deliver.

He has made no such promises this time round.

2012 will hopefully see the progressive plans for the club achieved.

The establishment of a youth feeder process from the schools and full Swim 21 accreditation would go some way towards rewarding the massive Arc investment made.

The club also wants a continuing community and charity involvement and is always open to further sponsorship or causes that we can contribute to.

Please text the Matlock Water Polo Club hotline on 07925 874422 for more details, if you have any ideas.