Improved Derwent rewarded with win

Derwent Seconds player Ben Morton drives at the visitor's defence in their match against Worksop Seconds.
Derwent Seconds player Ben Morton drives at the visitor's defence in their match against Worksop Seconds.

Derwent 2nds 3

Worksop 2nds 0

This week saw Derwent’s second team’s bid to redeem themselves after the previous week’s embarrassing loss against the nine men of Wellingborough.

They faced a ten-man Worksop side who had had a good run of results lately, even beating top-of-the-league Corby. However the Dales side was not deterred from battling to get three points, despite missing key players Stevie Shortland and Chris Pooley.

The game started with Derwent transferring the ball around the pitch with speed and vigour. This saw them have various early chances, with Kody Fludgate supplying strong crosses into the D, but despite Gary Shardlow and Ben Laurence’s best efforts they were unable to convert.

This period of play saw Derwent continue to dominate, with Worksop being given no chance to attack thanks to expert tackling and defending from Steve King, Alex Nigbur and Tom Higton.

One strong attack did break through. However it was soon extinguished with an excellently executed take-out by keeper Tom Hodgetts.

But soon another cracking ball from Fludgate saw Marcus Fraser convert a goalline scrabble to make it 1-0 close to half-time, rewarding the home team for their hard work and persistence.

The second half saw Derwent throw everything they had at Worksop to get the game securely under their control.

However, this saw Derwent vulnerable to attack with such a high defence.

The result was several fast counter-attacks by Worksop, although they failed to convert. However, on his debut for Derwent, after being fed a good ball from Higton, Mahir Raoof converted his first goal for the club.

Things continued to pick up for Derwent with Stevie Milner performing some great counterattacking runs, along with a great performance from James Wildgoose, thanks to some well-committed tackles, along with similarly good attacking runs, but he was unfortunately unable to reward himself for his efforts by not being able to convert his shots.

As Tom Leech and Ben Morton battled away in midfield, their efforts were rewarded, seeing Leech score his tenth goal for Derwent this season. This resulted in a final score of 3-0 to Derwent.

The match had seen a great turnaround in attitude and that brought three well-earned points.

Other plus points were Hodgetts getting his first ever clean sheet.

Man of the match was Raoof for his excellent first game, attitude and goal.

Next week sees Derwent travel away to Derby to seek revenge on struggling Ramgharia.