International title delight for the kickboxing Taylor cousins

Ambergate fighters Ben and Scott Taylor
Ambergate fighters Ben and Scott Taylor

Ambergate’s kickboxing Taylor cousins turned in superb performances at a recent fight night held at Alfreton’s Genesis Centre, bringing home two international title belts.

The packed venue played host to a night of full contact kickboxing, sanctioned by the International Combat Organisation, and the local support was present in abundance.

The first of the cousins to step up, representing the Derbyshire Panthers, was Ben Taylor, facing Tom Curley from Saxon Kickboxing Birmingham for the ICO Amateur European title.

Ben was off the starting blocks from the bell and with no hesitation it was obvious Ben had come to fight.

Tom tried to make space to make use of his superior range but the local lad was having none of it. Ben returned to his stool with a confident first round in the bag.

The second started just as the first with Ben in control but midround Tom showed his class and pulled a head kick out of nowhere, sending Ben to the canvas for an eight count.

Ben beat the count and slipped straight back into the fight. Into round four and Tom was doing his best to keep the relentless Ben at bay but a straight right cross to the body had Tom folding to the canvas for a count. Tom’s experience carried him to the final bell but the scorecards were in and unanimous as Ben Taylor was named the new ICO European Amateur champion.

The second Taylor to step through the ropes was Scott, facing Adan Perez Vega from Spain for the prestigious ICO Professional World Title.

Scott looked confident as the bell went for the first round, stepping forward finding his distance and stamping his authority with a sold straight kick to the Spanish fighters mid-section. This set Scott up for the early rounds with a solid performance to follow, holding the range and punishing Adan with strong combinations.

Scott’s jab had found its range from the beginning but by the mid rounds it was really making its mark forcing Adan to spit his gum shield simply to breath. After several warnings, points were taken off the Spanish fighter’s card for continually spitting his gum shield.

Round seven saw Scott lift the pace further, punishing Adan’s head and body, forcing the referee to step in and give a standing eight count. The tough Spaniard stepped out for the eighth round with no intentions of quitting.

Scott welcomed his advance and set to with the solid combinations and accuracy. It wasn’t long before the referee had seen enough and stepped in stopping the fight and awarding Scott Taylor the title of new ICO World Champion.