It’s getting serious now

by Colin Ingley

Picture the scene. A 23-year-old, sweat-covered male lying in exhaustion after another minute of high intensity exercise during last weekend’s land training session at the Arc.

His anguished “please no more” was met with the coach’s icy, “there are only three weeks to go before the season starts, so get on with it,” response. Things are getting serious.

Tonight’s friendly at Southwell is once again a test of progress against last season’s best Notts League team.

Coach Richard Sellors is looking for more than a result. “If we win, then that is great and it is what we work for in every contest. The manner of our play however, both individually and collectively, is vital at this stage of development for me. It is more meaningful than about just one game.”

Despite some injuries and absentees continuing, the pleasing availability of seasoned duo Gerry O’Rourke and Martin Beeson is the ideal boost and complement to an otherwise largely inexperienced side. For a full match report, see next week’s Mercury.

During Sunday’s training session, Richard Massey called to Colin Ingley at poolside to announce “there are two folks watching in the stand. Get over there and see if they want to join us!”

Sadly, reaction time was hindered and the men in question had already left the scene.

The club is asking that the individuals in question come forward to either join us next time or at least be eliminated from our enquiries. All anonymous information relating to the identity of both males will be treated in the strictest confidence.