Karate aces to take on England’s finest

Lee Hancox
Lee Hancox

MEMBERs of the Holloway-based High Peak Kyokushin Club will be going for glory in a national event to be held at Alfreton Leisure Centre on Saturday.

The karate aces will be looking to build on their recent success at the East Midlands Tournament last month in Nottingham, when they claimed 21 trophies between them.

This time out, the event is the IKO English Championships, running throughout the day.

The championship event represents a big step up from the regional competition and will involve around a dozen clubs from England and Wales.

In past years, it has been in the south of the country but the growing strength of IKO clubs in the Midlands has prompted the move to Alfreton this year.

The standard is expected to be high and the club has entered ten of their karate stars into the event.

In the Kata category, there will be Rosanna Scrase (17), Lee Hancox and Adam Tkacz. Clicker (point scoring fighting) will feature Robert Sulley and Archie Neville (8-9yrs), Elise Neville (10-11 yrs), Oscar Scrase (12-13 yrs), Peter Kincaid (14-15yrs), Rosanna Scrase (16-17yrs) and Rene Bailey (adult women).

Going for glory in the Kids Knockdown section are Robert Sulley and Archie Neville (8-9yrs), Elise Neville (10-11 yrs) and Sean Bullas (14-15yrs) while the club’s hopes in the Adult Knockdown will rest with Adam Tkacz and Lee Hancox.

High Peak Kyokushin Club’s Senpai Pete Appleton explained: “The Neville siblings are going in for both Clicker and Knockdown.

“After their fantastic debut in Clicker at the East Midlands recently, despite such limited experience, they are keen enough to enter knockdown for the first time in this National event.

“They certainly deserve credit for their bottle and determination.”

He went on: “Sean Bullas is currently British under 15s champion and is aiming to add the English title to his belt if he can.

“All the others also deserve due recognition for having a go because this event attracts the best karateka from all over the country. Particular mention should go to Lee Hancox and Adam Tkacz, who are entering the full contact knockdown section, which involves no gloves, helmets or padding and is therefore very tough, even though they have very limited experience in this arena.”