Knockout display by karate aces

hIGH Peak Kyokushin's  Jim Morris.
hIGH Peak Kyokushin's Jim Morris.

MEMBERS of the Holloway-based High Peak Kyokushin Karate Club turned in fine performances to win the first ever East Midlands Tournament and claim 21 trophies in the process.

The event was held in Nottingham and saw 17 members of High Peak compete in a meeting organised by Senpai Pete Appleton, Dojo operator of High Peak Kyokushin, as a way for members of local clubs to get competition experience prior to national tournaments.

The day was successful, with 40 competitors from three clubs taking part in four hours of Kata, Clicker and Knockdown. The event included spectacular breaking demonstrations by Konjo club members and was supported by Shihan Mac Robertson (6th dan) and Sensei Paul Andrews (3rd dan), who both officiated with the Senpais from High Peak, Konjo and Amber Valley clubs.

The first hour was devoted to Kata, and this was subdivided into Juniors (high and low grades) and Seniors.

High Peak gained trophies in the lower grade category – Mia Lucas (third); in the higher grade category – Rosanna Scrase (second) and Jim Morris (third); and in the Senior category – Adam Tkacz (first) and Lee Hancox (third), giving the club five out of the nine trophies presented.

The next section was Clicker, which requires considerable skill and ability. Six categories were run, and once again High Peak did outstandingly well. In the 8-9 years, Archie Neville was first and Robert Sulley third.

In the 10-12 and 13-15 categories, High Peak obtained a clean sweep: 10-12 Jim Morris (first), Oliver Edwards (second) and Elise Neville (third); and 13-15 Peter Kincaid (first), Tom Scrase (second) and Oscar Scrase (third). Finally in the senior female category Rosanna Scrase (first) and Rene Bailey (second), giving nine out of 15 trophies for High Peak.

The final section was knockdown fighting.

Juniors wear body armour and helmets and although serious injuries are rare, the bouts are very demanding.

Several members were competing in this category for the first time with Robert Sulley gaining a creditable third in the 8-9 category and Jim Morris winning a fantastic first in the 10-12 category, despite this being his first ever knockdown event.

In the 13-15, Sean Bullas was first and Elliott Tanner second, again with this being Elliott’s first ever attempt and pitted against his teammate Sean who is currently the British Knockdown champion for this age group. In the adult category, Adam Tkacz gained second and Lee Hancox third.

Several individuals merit attention for their efforts.

Jim Morris took third in Kata but really came into his own in the fighting. In the 10-12 Clicker, Jim fought three opponents and beat each one in turn, thus winning the trophy for first.

He then went on to the knockdown and again won three bouts very convincingly, coming first.

As a result of this, Shihan Mac Robertson (6th Dan) awarded Jim the prestigious Most Spirited Fighter shield for “doing what was required in every fight”.

Elise Neville (11) and Archie Neville (8) from Tansley only joined the club a few weeks ago and, although only white belts, they entered the competition without hesitation. Elise did well in the fighting, beating her much more experienced friend and teammate and going on to win third. Archie was the real surprise though, ploughing his way through several fights, winning to gain a terrific first.

Since the competition, the brother and sister have been tested by Sensei Paul Andrews and passed their first grading to 10th Kyu (orange belt).

The Scrase family train as a group and attended the event in force. Brothers Oscar and Tom gained thirrd and second respectively in the 13-15 Clicker and sister Rosanna won second in the Kata.

Rosanna (17) also agreed to enter the Adult Clicker as no other candidates had applied for the 16-17yrs category, and still went on to come first, giving four trophies to the three members of the family taking part.

Finally, mention must go to Elliott Tanner (13) who keenly put down his name for 13-15 knockdown despite never doing this before and had to fight teammate Sean Bullas (15), currently holder of the 13-15 British Knockdown title. The two fought for two minutes and Elliott made a very good effort before succumbing to Sean’s greater experience.