League leaders are seen off by Baileans

Baileans v Harbourne (green)
Baileans v Harbourne (green)
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Matlock Baileans 1sts 1

Harborne 1sts 0

Matlock went into this game feeling confident and with a winning streak on their side.

Baileans had decided on a new formation for this game and were unsettled to begin with, allowing Harborne too much possession.

Top of the league Harborne took advantage of this and were soon forcing Matlock into their own half.

The opposition’s skilful forwards soon gained a penalty corner which was drag-flicked from the top of the D, but was saved by man-of-the-match Danielle Archer, who calmly tipped it over the bar.

Once Matlock players had settled into their new roles, plenty more chances were created.

Excellent runs down the right from Deb Greer put Harborne’s defence under pressure.

The 16-strong squad of Harborne were not deterred though and continued to force Matlock back.

However, they were held at bay with an outstanding performance from Alice Cundy in defence.

The second half was much better from a determined Matlock with continuous pressure down the right from Becky Bowman.

The effort soon paid off as a long ball down the right found Vicki Hammond who pierced through the Harborne defence and made an excellent pass across the circle for Sarah Archer to dive in for a deflection which hit the back of the net.

This was a well-deserved goal, but now knew the pressure was on.

The opposition had a few good chances but Matlock were equal to the challenge.

Brilliant tackles in midfield from Laura Donaldson ensured Harborne would stop in their own half.

An all-round excellent team performance in the second half meant Matlock were able to take a well-deserved three points from this.