Looking at bigger picture

by Colin Ingley

With the confirmed announcement this week that the Notts League Handicap Cup final is to be played at the Arc in early November, Matlock Water Polo Club officials were quick to point out that this was just the start.

Coach Richard Sellors, still mindful that it could have been his side in the final, stated this week: “The semi-final defeat was a bitter disappointment, but we are moving on and there is a bigger picture.

“Events will be held in Matlock which will attract interest and revenue into the town. We are very proud to be hosting the final.”

With proposed plans to host tournaments next year involving teams from all over the country, Matlock’s hotels, guest houses, social and general economy, all stand to benefit. The club’s sponsors will be supporting its drive towards these activities, emphasising their role in its infrastructure.

On the playing side, squad training is going extremely well. The Arc has excellent land training opportunities which are being fully utilised by the players.

Four-and-a-half hours of formal training is now available compared to one hour per week 12 months ago.

Three new young players have attended sessions this week and US national Gerry O’Rourke returned on Wednesday after being presumed missing in the Far East for two years. His suggestion bands and cheerleaders be now introduced between quarters at home matches was rejected at the time of going to press.