Mauraders enjoy a win in debut match

At the Whitworth Academy, a unique recipe has been produced during the past few years with local table tennis being the winner.

I must admit, however, to being a little disappointed after hearing that its current Summer League programme of matches was to be abandoned.

After an urgent meeting last Friday, the committee had agreed, with coach Warren Slaney, that the best course of action was to abandon the Summer League programme and concentrate solely on getting the players up to scratch for the major league season to come.

Little did they appreciate the reaction from the players as they seem to want the best of both worlds.

So now we have the sight of table tennis on two nights each week for the foreseeable future. Who said table tennis was a dying sport!

On the playing front, a friendly was played out at Cromford when new side Matlock Marauders entertained a Whitworth side sent down to test the mettle of the Marauders. Paul McDonald (1) and Adam Lovell (1) gave the Whitworth team an encouraging start but no one could cope with the style of Dave Thomlinson (2), who was unbeaten for the home team.

The deciding doubles went the way of the Marauders to give them a winning 3-2 margin on their debut.

At Cromford, the Crommys had a good night, beating LiverPooles 5-0 and Rapid Fire by the same score.

Mark Briddon and Nathan Hallows were the successful players although Mark was taken close by Tom Tate and David Molyneux of the Whitworth Academy.

LiverPooles also played a fixture against the Dalers with no luck in this one either. Keith Bradshaw (2) and Jackie Cullen (1) showed little mercy taking the fixture 4-1.

Keith retains his 100 per cent record along with Andrew Burton of the Burtons.

Jems lost 3-2 to The Pandys who have now won their last three fixtures.

Jimmy Redfern was partnered this week by Andreas Lee of Chesterfield and on his first week he beat Pat Thorley in five.

With the match standing at 2-2 it was down to the doubles to decide the winner and this went to the Pandy’s again in five 13-11, 8-11, 11-8, 2-11, 11-9.

Posties had a significant win against the Detonators with Ian Dunsmore (2) of the Whitworth guesting for the Posties.

He won both his matches in five beating the experianced Anthony Gregory and Eddie Gregory which was an extremely good night for him.

Leaders the Burtons won against the Bucket Bangers 4-1 with Dean Clayton of the Bangers beating the very useful Daniel Burton in five games.

This took Daniel’s 100 per cent record away but it was a mighty close match.

The players intervention at the Whitworth is another difficult one to sort out and a spanner in their planned portfolio but one thing is for certain, table tennis will be their for a long time to come.