Mikes are in fine form

By Brian Croasdale

Of course nothing has changed. No one expected it to and, as the Cromford Summer League gently fades from the memory, one side, The Mikes, will be very pleased with their summer night efforts.

Stuart Morris is a lovely guy, but if you have seen him play table tennis or met him you will know that already.

So much about today’s game in the Matlock and District Table Tennis League is fundamentally right and the Cromford Summer League is just one such example.

The Mikes have been there or thereabouts all season and this week they finally clinched the Summer League title as they cannot now be caught and still have their final match to play.

Stuart typifies this effort with his dogged determination that makes a mockery of his age.

Ably supported by his younger partner, Mick Padley, they have both produced displays this season that have been a tribute to them both.

Andy Sykes had to stand in for the injured Stuart for this match but did not disappoint, despite being taken to a close 11-7,11-9,9-11,9-11,14-12 victory by David Molyneux.

These are halcyon days for the team and this week they soundly beat Rapid Fire 5 - 0.

Set to test the resolve of many a side, the Bucket Bangers, on top of the league for so long, eventually lost out despite a 3-2 win over former champions Burtons.

Both Dave Kelly and Dean Clayton won a match each before a close five-game victory in the doubles sealed the victory.

The Management Committee met at the Whitworth Academy on Thursday to consider the entries for the new season, which is due to start on October 15.

One thing was clear: the increase in teams that was hoped for has materialised.

Therefore, more people will be playing the sport in the Matlock area during this coming winter.

Hard worker, complete player, potential leader.

You can make what descrptions you like but Stuart Morris earns them all.

I hope he is fit enough to play their final match this week, safe in the knowledge that he has given a lot of people immense pleasure this summer.