Orienteers dodge rain

DERWENT Valley Orienteers members were out in force at the Allestree Park Orienteering Event, held earlier this month.

In recent years, the month of June has had a reputation of deluges and this last week has unfortunately not bucked the trend.

So it was a pleasant surprise for the orienteers turning up at Derwent Valley’s event to be greeted by a bright and sunny day.

Even more unexpected for the orienteer was to find that the ground had absorbed the rain and the terrain was fairly dry underfoot and perfect for cross-country running.

This meant some very good orienteering was offered to young and old.

Derek and Jen Gale planned some excellent courses, colour-coded according to age and ability.

There were no surprises in the results this time with Andrew Powell from Nottinghamshire taking the honours in the premier brown course.

Rachel Duckworth from Crich Carr won the junior yellow course and Allestree resident Andy Mackervoy beat allcomers on the green course.

Several orienteering events suitable for beginners are being staged throughout the summer.

Please see www.dvo.org.uk for details or telephone 01629 734042.

Local results

Junior, White

2 Ben Mackervoy

4 Alexa Lindsay

9 Alexander Bourne


1 Rachel Duckworth

4 Samuel Davis


4 Sarah Duckworth DVO W12 33:57


Light Green

2 Nicola Northcott

3 Jane Burgess

5 Alison Hayes

6 Elizabeth Bedwell


Shorter Green

2 Christopher Bourne

3 Ian Parfitt

6 Pauline Ward

7 David Parkin


1 Andrew Mackervoy

8 Ian Parfitt (second run)

9 Claire Selby

10 Paul Goodhead

12 Dave Skidmore

14 Rachel Davis

16 Ranald Macdonald

19 Andy Hawkins

22 Ian Hodson

25 Stuart Wicks

27 Viv Macdonald


3 Dai Bedwell

5 Stephen Kimberley

7 Paul Armstrong

8 Nathan Lawson

12 Mike Godfree

14 Liz Godfree

15 Michelle Mackervoy

17 Ann-Marie Duckworth

20 Glynn Smith

23 Adrian Northcott


2 David Nevell

5 Richard Parkin

6 Andy Sykes

10 David Lawson

11 David Vincent

12 Graham Johnson

16 Helen Chiswell

17 Harriet Lawson