Performance bodes well

by Colin Ingley

Monday night’s friendly against a good and experienced Stafford side demonstrated considerable fitness, skill and teamwork improvements despite the eventual 18-10 defeat.

Matlock pounced on the neighbouring county town via SUVs from Derbyshire and a convoy of Masson Electrical vans from Warrington, at first looking for a leisure centre that closed three years ago and is now a car park.

When the fabulous new facility (not as good as the Arc) was found, Matlock made a solid start, despite losing early goals to a very competent unit.

The away side’s teenagers, namely Callum and Brad Thomas, Will Fry and Alex Bonsall, all gained valuable experience and added speed and vitality to the team.

One great move in particular saw Will receive the ball on the right, which he then quickly transferred to Jim Evans to convert.

Andy Goodacre came of age in the Matlock goal with a string of fine saves via his hands, arms, upper lip, right ear and left nostril.

Joe Winterbottom made his scoring debut with three goals, one via his head when facing in the opposite direction.

This was a very pleasing start to what is a new era for the club.

Matlock travel to Hucknall this Monday for another in a series of friendlies designed to provide practice and gauge improvement.

If you fancy trying the game yourself, please access our website or ring the MWPC hotline (it’s true, honest) on 07925 874422.