Plan B is put into action

By Colin Ingley

Sunday’s closure of the Lido at 5pm has led to a contingency plan of unusual circumstances to enable Matlock Water Polo Club training to still take place.

The New Bath Hotel’s outdoor pool is the venue chosen to host the session and possibly others, while transition from old pool to new evolves.

This arrangement worked well when the Lido was shut some years ago when the roof fell in.

Club welfare officer Rob Lightfoot is happy with the move but also has concerns. “Certain members of the squad will suffer with the cold, namely Tom Barratt. Whilst the rest of the team have body fat, Tom doesn’t and he paid the price last time. The broth being provided afterwards may not be enough.”

Despite being fed pork scratchings, real ale and pies to increase his mass, Tom was rumoured to be favouring the wet suit option at the time of going to press.

The move from the Lido marks the end of an era for the club, which began first time round when the roof had not yet been built.

It was refounded in the mid 1980s and now moves home at a time when playing numbers and structure are at a premium. The tinge of sadness is outweighed by excitement over the future ahead.