Playing the name game

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By Colin Ingley

Matlock’s move to their fabulous new venue has promoted a seemingly irrational rant from a member of the club’s senior management in the week that will see the first official training session and match at the Arc.

“I think it is no accident that we have two Robs, Toms, Richs, Andys and Jims.

“A biased selection process worries me, given the name of the new pool,” commented wealthy club chairman Dave Frost as playing members returned on Sunday from the annual tour to Hasselt in Belgium.

He added: “If it helps our playing standards then great, but I am not sure if it will.

“Another Dave in the club however, would suit me.”

Dave Barnard, who retired five years ago, was unavailable for comment.

Sunday sees the Arc play host to our first ever visitors to the new pool.

Bingham will be facing a Matlock side that is fresh from a tour that saw good improving play from a young committed squad that elected Jack Wood as the club player of the tournament.

Also displaying sommelier tendencies, Jack, along with Will Fry, were excellent tour juniors.

The spirit displayed by all on the trip is further confirmation that the future of the club is a good one.