Posties seal title victory

MDTTA Division Three cup final between The Force and Hit And Miss.
MDTTA Division Three cup final between The Force and Hit And Miss.

By Brian Croasdale

The question every local table tennis player has been asking is how Posties would react to the turmoils of this season.

The answer could not have been more emphatic as this week the team put a torrid season behind them to clinch the Division Two title.

Having almost gone out of existence earlier this year they have showed their resolve, as well as their undoubted skill, by winning their last few matches convincingly.

This week they beat their only rivals for the championship, Detonators by the wide margin of 9-1.

Detonators’ only remaining chance was to beat Turnditch Tigers 10-0 before midnight on Saturday and in this unlikely event would replace Posties on set difference.

With no result being returned in time, the Detonators now stand no chance of overtaking Posties and finish as runners up.

A very pleased captain Andy Hodgkinson commented: “Hasn’t Jimmy Redfern, Mark Briddon and Pat Botting done really well. I am one proud captain.”

The other major match of the week was the Division Three Cup Final, held at the Whitworth Academy, between winners The Force and the very awkward Hit and Miss combination (teams pictured).

Jonathan Goodwin and Ewan Fisher won this one 3-2 but this should not detract from the fine performance of Bradley Vallance the number two of Hit & Miss. With a bit more confidence, this lad could go places and we watch his progress with interest.

The great thing about local table tennis players is that they will not settle for second best.

This is emphasised by the Posties’ determination to continue and the title is just reward for a difficult season.

With this attitude, the MDTTA can look to a very bright future indeed.