Progress is being made

by Colin Ingley

A WELL-prepared and near to full strength Matlock side had to settle for a friendly game win on Sunday after Leicester failed to provide enough players.

With only five representatives from the away side, Matlock provided two players to make a game of it, and the encounter was subsequently won by the home side 12-11.

Coach Richard Sellors was pleased, despite the disappointment of not having a proper league fixture.

“This game was an indicator of progress and it is obvious that we have made plenty. If their missing two players would have turned up, I believe we would have won anyway. The passing, particularly on man-up situations and into the pit, was sharper and quicker and our defence at times was very good.

“We take the points from this game and plan and expect to win in normal circumstances at Hinckley on Wednesday.”

James Barber and Tom Illingworth nobly played all four quarters for Leicester and did very well.

Goalkeeper Andy Goodacre was offered but rejected by the away side after discovering he was Leicester-born yet defected to take out Matlock citizenship some years previously.

His fantastic save from Tom Illingworth later on was their loss.

After the Hinckley game yesterday (Wednesday), Matlock make the short journey to Ilkeston on Sunday to take on local rivals South Derbyshire in an all-ticket encounter. A full report will be in next week’s Mercury.