Rachel returns with a victory

Rachel Rose, Jester Fightclub.
Rachel Rose, Jester Fightclub.

Jesters Fightclub’s female instructor Rachel Rose has stepped back into the ring after three years out of action.

Her comeback fight was against Birmingham’s Stacey Clarke, of Saxon Kickboxing.

Rachel started the opening round as if she’d never been away, landing clean blows.

Into the second round, Rachel’s opponent knew she was in trouble, walking onto everything Rachel threw at her.

Both fighters went back to their corners at the end of the second but Stacey Clarke decided enough was enough and retired from the fight, giving Rachel a second round TKO win. Rachel is now looking at fighting on December 11 in a meeting set to take place in Barnsley.

Meanwhile, Jesters Fightclub submitted seven of its junior students for grading. Brandon Wayne, Daniel Wayne, Cameron Swain, Callum Walsh, Kaiel Widdowson, Charlotte Taylor and Nikki Mold all passed with flying colours.

Finally, November 25 will see Karl Johnston travel to France to represent England.

Anyone interested in training with Jesters Fight Club, above Derwent Carpets on Dale Road, Matlock, can contact 07974 655146.