Ready for the rematch

by Colin Ingley

This week sees an unprecedented Saturday training session prior to hosting a Hinckley side on Sunday that is no doubt intent on revenge after Matlock’s narrow win over there last month.

Five weeks ago, Matlock travelled to their Leicestershire opponents to be met by a physical, aggressive side who took no part in the traditional niceities afterwards.

Former coach and experienced player Richard Massey, called for rational behaviour this week. “We need to win, but by playing polo. They are a young side who need to learn the game properly. We aim to teach them.”

Coach Richard Sellors, involved in a scouting mission to cup semi-final opponents Southwell earlier this week, maintained a balanced view. “I believe we are already a better side than five weeks ago. The semi-final game is huge, but improvement in the league is very important and prepares us for that game.”

Crowd segregation is expected.

Meanwhile, despite Sellors’s positivity on the playing side, his threatened legal action against the club after finding his first grey hair last week has rocked all members. His claim that stress had brought about the problem was heavily refuted by a leading legal advisor earlier this week.

“He hasn’t a leg to stand on. Now baldness is a different matter, even in retrospective cases, and could have led to millions.”

Other club members were reported to be filing claims at the time of going to press.