Recruitment is continuing

by Colin Ingley

The influx of youth in recent sessions is adding to the feelings of Matlock Water Polo Club being on the right lines as close season preparation continues.

Club captain Richard Massey was very pleased this week after recently taking three of these sessions in coach Richard Sellors’s absence.

“We had 17 down on Sunday despite some prominent players missing.

“Three teenagers joining us recently is really pleasing.

“We aspire to be an approachable club and we want more people to join.”

Former player Jon Clark has also joined in the last few weeks, which further indicates ongoing progress for the club.

Club members Mike Glancy and Alex Bonsall remain determined to establish a handball club in Matlock, despite the Arc not being able to accommodate this at the present time.

Mike was still hopeful when interviewed this week.

“We need a venue of course, but we already have a standby nucleus of potential players from the water polo side.

“No names, but we have a few young fast outfield players and another bloke in goals who doesn’t move a lot and will let the ball just hit him.”

Colin Ingley’s name was not mentioned at all during the discussion.