Rowsley B do it again

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by Brian Croasdale

I’ve never been particularly good at organising and when I am asked to do something I will try to do it successfully, so you can imagine my horror after the recent hard copy of our handbook was printed.

Oh dear! Who would have thought it, just ten days before the new season, handbooks all issued, then the phone calls start listing the errors it contains.

An immaculate booklet, or so I thought, does have some glaring mistakes, mainly the playing address of new side Matlock Marauders in Division Three.

Please note that they do play their home fixtures at the Methodist Chapel on Water Lane in Cromford and not as stated in the handbook.

Please do not ring Geoff Gill on the numberlisted and use 01246 239100 instead. This apart, I think we can safely say it is a booklet that we can all be satisfied with.

Nationally, it was a week to be proud of with the Chesterfield player Liam Pitchford’s brilliant performance in the European Championships in Gdansk, Poland.

Beating world ranked number 20, Vladimir Samsanov of Russia was unexpected but this he achieved in some style.

His world ranking has shot up as a result and he is now chasing the number one Paul Drinkall for the top position in English table tennis.

Locally, as we gear up to the start of the Matlock season next week, Rowsley B continued their great start to the Chesterfield Division Two fixtures.

This week they were up against Cylinders D, who have the talent of Will Doxey at their disposal. Surprisingly, Cylinders turned up with only two men, which did not help their cause very much, but Rowsley B found it more difficult match than they would have thought.

Yes they came out of the fixture 9-1 winners but were made to fight all the way for the points.

Louis Gay could not cope with the aggressive style of Will going down 7-11, 4-11, 11-8, 6-11 in what seemed no time at all and Andrew Middleton had trouble getting the better of Terry Phillips, although he was ultimately successful.

Well, it all kicks off on Tuesday, October 25 in the Matlock League when our first game up is the Division One derby clash between the two Colin Deaton Table Tennis club sides.

We look forward to this fixture as we have the new Derbyshire champion Jake Meikle taking part, as well as some other very talented players.

It’s be a hard slog to get to this stage. The hard times are hard but the good ones are just too good to miss!