School trip is a big success

Darley Churchtown School's Olympic Scalextrix event
Darley Churchtown School's Olympic Scalextrix event

YOUNgsters from Darley Churchtown Primary School got into the Olympic spirit by visiting the home of British Cycling and then rounded off their school year by holding a BMX Scalextric event.

The pupils enjoyed a memorable time when they went up to Manchester for a visit to the National Cycling Centre and even managed to gain the autograph of top cycling star Shanaze Reade while they were there.

Teacher Dawn Watson explained: “As a treat, we went up to the National Cycling Centre. We wanted to give the children some focus for the Olympics so it didn’t pass them by, because I pointed out that I believe we are the only country to host it three times and it’s unlikely to be back in our lifetime.

“I am a member of Matlock Cycling Club and am a track coach too so I thought cycling was a good sport to focus on and it also ties in with our policy of promoting healthy living.

“We focused particularly on Sir Chris Hoy and Shanaze Reade and when we went up there to Manchester, Shanaze happened to be there in reception and we got her autograph, which was great for the kids. It’s a very good time for British cycling with Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France and Shanaze is a good bet for a gold medal.

“We followed up the visit by getting hold of the Scalextrix Velodrome games and we had our match sprint races, in pairs, with the children pretending to be Jason Kenny and Sir Chris Hoy. They had a great time and the overall winner was Leah Ferriby with Charlotte Andrews as the runner-up.

“It’s all about promoting healthy living and we live in an area where there’s lots of cycling going on and we promote it at the school a lot. The kids really want to go back to the centre because they enjoyed it so much.”