Season still going strong

by Brian Croasdale

I APOLOGISE for being the one to break this, but for those of you who thought the Matlock table tennis season was over, think again.

By the time you read this, the Senior Draw Doubles will have taken place at Cromford and we will report on the tournament next week.

Closely following this will be the Hard Bat Tournament, again at Cromford on Wednesday, May 18.

Following on from these prestigious events will be the Handicap Tournament.

This year, it will be held at the Whitworth Academy and is scheduled for Friday, May 20. With all these competitions, just turn up on the night to enter.

We have then reached the re-scheduled Derbyshire Closed Championships on June 5, held at Draycott.

Soon after this will be the AGM at Cromford and finally the presentation night, held on June 11 at the Whitworth Academy.

When Dave Oakley, the academy leader, asked me to join him at the Whitworth Academy, little did I appreciate just how much of a success this venue was going to be.

Dave and I took over a reconstructed venue and we feel we have created a comfortable, welcoming table tennis facility.

We now have a National League team capable of giving the place all the recognition it deserves.

Before next season begins, we have the very popular Summer League competition at both Cromford and Whitworth.

This is currently being arranged at both venues so if you want to take part, please get in touch early as demand for places will be high.

Chairman Tony Gregory says he is happy with the progress the league has made this season.

Despite a few minor setbacks, table tennis in the area has never looked better.

We look forward to next season and, with talk of an unheard of Division Four, it could be an exciting time.