Three teams share the title of darts league winners

THE 60th presentation night for the Heanor and District Club darts and dominoes league was held at the Sunnyside Club in Heanor.

Prizes were presented by Benda Pemberton, a former secretary of the league.

The Darts League winners award was shared by three teams, Heanor Town B, Shipley WMC and the New Inn from Heanor.

The Dominoes League winners were Heanor Town A with Shipley WMC second and joint third place for both Heanor Town B and the Sunnyside Club.

The Points Cups was won by Heanor Town B with both Shipley WMC and Heanor Town A in joint second place.

Knockout Cup winners were Heanor Town A with Shipley WMC runners-up.

The Challenge Cup darts winner was M Foster from the Sunnyside with S Mosley from Heanor Town A the runner-up. The Dominoes winner was V Bacon from Shipley WMC with L Rock from the Sunnyside as runner-up.

The Rose Bowl competition saw V Moore and G Breen from the New Inn at Heanor win the Darts withC Sail and M GHarratt from Heanor Conservative Club runners-up. In the Dominoes section, S Brown and A Kettle from Heanor Town A were the winners with D Lee and V Bacon from Shipley WMC the runners-up.

The Individual Darts was won by L Hallam of Heanor Town B, A Kettle from Heanor Town A was runner-up. The Dominoes Individual winner was C Sail from Heanor Conservative Club with K Atkins of Heanor Town A the runner-up.

The Dimond Jubilee Cup darts winner was D Sharman from Heanor New Inn with A Jones of Heanor Town B runner-up. The Dominoes winner was H Moore from Heanor Town B with S Moore of the Sunnyside Club runner-up.

The KLN Darts winner was A Taylor from Sunnyside with B Crofts of Heanor Town B runner-up. In the Dominoes, the winner was G Breen from New Inn Heanor with M Garratt of Heanor Conservative Club the runner-up.

The Charity Match darts winners were S Brown and A Kettle from Heanor Town A with D Annable an G Sheffield from Heanor Conservative Club runner-up.

The Dominoes winners were D Beer and E Palmer ofShipley WMC with H Moore and K Brittle from Heanor Town B runners-up.

Most wins

The most wins at darts went to M Hutchinson of Shipley WMC who also hit the most tons in the season.

The most wins at dominoes was shared by C Annable of Heanor Conservative Club, M Foster from the Sunnyside, L Brooks and M McCabe both from Heanor Town A and S Carter from the New Inn.

Sponsors for the events were M E Foster for the Rose Bowl, Kim Sewell for the KLN Cup and Frank Pare for the Dimond Jubilee Cup.

Congratulations were extended to May Bellamy who is the only person to have played in each of the sixty years the league has been operating.

The charity match for Alzheimers raised £250 for Firs Nursing Home at Codnor.


The league AGM will be held on July 4 at Heanor Town Football Club.

Any clubs wishing to join the league can attend the AGM or contact Mary on 01773 512522, Allison on 533753 or 078676 76903 or Joyce on 07814 760907 for further information.