Water polo gets a boost

by Colin Ingley

The recent television coverage of water polo from the London Games is certainly helping people become aware of a sport still largely unknown and barely broadcast to the general British population.

With the club greatly encouraged by the contact parents have made regarding the Friday early evening taster sessions on offer to six to 12 year olds, it is obvious this recent rich vein of interest is sourced predominantly from the Olympics being shown.

“‘I played it while in a pool on holiday’ was the normal line,” remarked head coach Richard Sellors after taking the second of six sessions, “but now the line is ‘it is because I watched it on television’”.

“Unlike most other sports, our problem is exposure of the game to people. Our future Olympic stars start at sessions like these but older people can begin later and still achieve. We want people to at least try it.”

Richard takes the session this Friday at the Arc, starting at 5pm. Just come down or ring 07814 711372 for further information. This Sunday, there’s a game between younger and older club members to celebrate the 30th birthdays of Andy Massey and Tom Barratt, with appropriate dress.

It was decided the younger side should wear shades and current gear. More senior players Jim Evans, Kevin Sellors and Colin Ingley were said to be deeply offended at the suggestion of Edwardian dress at the time of going to press.