Youth section goes from strength to strength

The growth of Derwent’s youth section has resulted in it fielding two under 11 teams, Derwent Rapids and Derwent Torrents.

Derwent Torrents made an excellent start to the season with victories over Chesterfield and Buxton. Playing in their first NoDe tournament of the year, Derwent recorded impressive victories of 2-0 and 3-0 respectively without allowing either of their opponents to mount a serious attack.

The goals came from Al Monteith, James Smith and Alex Liddle with multiple assists from Jack Lloyd and sterling work in midfield and defence from Ben Merrick, Sam Playdon and Archie Playdon.

Derwent Rapids, who featured a mixture of débutantes, Ben Carney, Matty and Raphael alongside old heads Evan Connell, Dan and Louie Gill, also earned creditable draws in their games against Buxton and Chesterfield teams.