Players make a big, big splash

Waterpolo column

Despite the fantastic news of Mike Glancy’s engagement to fellow club member Amy Pearson on Christmas Day, the coaching staff showed no soft heartedness on Sunday, as the players’ Yuletide excesses came back to haunt them.

“The conditioning isn’t there with barely five weeks to go before our first proper game,” commented chief coach Jim Evans.

He added: “We need as individuals, to train at least twice a week on top of the two sessions provided if we are to compete. There is no doubt.”

Matlock start the campaign on February 10 with a tough home fixture against Hucknall in the Knockout Cup and are looking to improve results considerably this year in all competitions.

As the engagement news filtered through the club this week, concerns were raised by a few as to whether the future wedding would be celebrated with scouse pie in Mike’s Liverpool or a greasy chip butty in Amy’s Sheffield.

Miss Pearson said: “I am hoping for more classy cuisine with respect, and the venue will be announced.”

Pork scratchings at the Red Lion were also heavily denied at the time of going to press.