Youngsters produce sizzling encounter

Matlock & District Table Tennis Round-up by Brian Croasdale

Not bad at all - that has to be the verdict after witnessing two of the league’s brightest youngsters face each other as Rapid Fire met the LiverPooles.

Matlock table tennis has always prided itself on producing talent and I think we do that in abundance.

The largely unsung Jacob Poole (3) helped his side to a 7-3 win but had to face his arch nemesis David Molyneux (2) who has by now got used to the plaudits heaped on him. Poole, a creative little player, pulled out an unbelievable performance that stopped most of the other matches with everybody keen to see who would win. Poole did so 12/10, 7/11, 8/11, 14/12, 12/10.

I applaud Oliver Redfern (1) who also struck another thwacking blow for the younger element and it was a give game win over Warren Sheratt (2) that recorded his side’s first set of the season.

The sun may have already begun to set on Derek Pepperill’s (3) table tennis career but this did not stop him helping the Strutts Strikers to an impressive 8-2 win.

It’s all about getting in the winning culture and Still Hoping are doing just that. Despite being handicapped by only being able to field two players they still recorded a 7-3 win.

Earlier in the week the young Thorntons side travelled to Crich to take on the experienced St. Mary’s team. They came back with two points from an impressive 5-5 draw with young Connor Davies (2) taking the plaudits here.

Top players adjust and Sam Perry (3) sure knows how to do that. In the first of three matches against Scorpions this season Perry put on a performance of undoubted skill and confidence. When you have players of the quality of Jake Meikle (2)and Mike Bradbury (1) being humbled by scores of 11/1 and 11/2 repectfully you can only sit back and admire his quality. He needed to be at his best though as his side could only manage a share of the points in a 5-5 draw.

Dave Kelly (2) has recently gained a revived hunger for the sport and his straight games win over Geoff Gill (2) took some beliving when I first saw it. The result was 11/3, 11/3, 11/5 although it could not prevent him losing to the Chesterfield youngster Lucas King in five. CCC won this one 7-3.

Any captain will tell you success is built around defence andDetonators certainly know how to do that, Emma Coles (3) and Eddie Gregory (3) leading their side to an 8-2 win over Hopes Fulfilled.