Review: Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet's variety show

Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet gave an interesting and enjoyable concert at Buxton Festival.

Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 12:00 pm

Sally MacTaggart, who plays the tenor sax, introduced the players and their different saxophones: Guy Passey on alto, Ian Dingle on tenor and John Rittipo-Moore on baritone.

The music was varied. Pieces by Grieg, Gershwin and Dvorak, originally written for keyboard or string quartet, were adapted for the four saxophones.

They also played music by three living composers writing for saxophones: Michael Torke, Jenni Watson and Paul Patterson.

This gave us an exciting range of music from the gentle reflections of Jenni Paterson’s ‘Tinged’ to the spirited tangos of Astor Piazolla and ending with jazzy variations on Rule Britannia by Paul Patterson.

The playing of this innovative collaboration of four young saxophonists was very well suited to the excellent acoustics of St John’s church.

This concert was different from anything else in the festival and was much appreciated by the audience.