Bird’s eye view of city’s sights

A BIRD’S Eye Viewis the title for Rebecca Morledge’s exhibition in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at Derby Cathedral Centre from November 1 to 30 (Monday to Saturday 9am to 3.10pm).

Geoff Robson, exhibitions officer at Derby Cathedral, first saw her work at the Derby Open Exhibition two years ago and was struck by her combination of accuracy and humour.

Seeing familiar places from an unfamiliar angle, several feet above ground to be exact, and being able to observe the wealth of activity involving the people, whether in Derby market place, a well dressing or a street fair out in the county, was a new experience.

Speaking about her work, Rebecca said: “People and landscapes fascinate me. I like to not only make people see the city in a new light but also the people around them. Every time that I walk through a street, there is something interesting and different, it is never the same, not even for a minute.”