Dance group wants your input

A workshop is to be held at Crich Glebe Field Centre on Wednesday, November 19, to help develop a new show by Spiltmilk Dance.

The workshop takes place from 7pm-8pm and the concept is that they are creating a short dance (or ‘episode’) for every year since the recorded music charts began in 1952, right up to present day.

Each episode will be performed to the top selling song from the year and the content will be inspired by significant pop culture trends or events that took place in that year.

Spiltmilk Dance are seeking out frivolous fads and fashions, historical events and hysterical clothes, all those moments of madness that the nation has been swept up in over the last 60 years.

The show, at the venue on February 21, will be framed around a gameshow/quiz format to give everyone the chance to test their skill and knowledge when it comes to all things pop.

Spiltmilk Dance would love to hear about your memories of trends and events that impacted on your life, from the food we eat, and the clothes we wear, to the music we listen to.

This event is free, but spaces are limited. Phone David Lane on 01773 853260 to reserve a place (before November 14).