Duo back together in Tansley screening

Tansley Film will be showing Before Midnight (15) in Tansley Village Hall on Tuesday, April 1 as its latest screening.

Before Midnight is the third film in Richard Linklater’s series following the relationship between Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy).

It is not necessary to have seen the first two films, but, in brief, Before Sunrise (1995) explores their first meeting as young travellers in Vienna.

In Before Sunset (2005) Jesse and Celine are in their thirties when they meet again.

The film ends ambiguously as we are left wondering if Jesse will return to his family in America or remain in Paris with Celine.

In Before Midnight, we follow the couple who are now married, middle aged and on a family holiday in Greece with their twin girls and Jesse’s son from his first marriage.

The concept of the trilogy is possibly unique. John Patterson of the Guardian states that such, “a multi-decade movie has few parallels in world cinema.”

It is also a fascinating film in that the actors, Hawke and Delpy, wrote the screenplay with the director, Linkplater.

Peter Bradshaw (The Guardian) claims that, “as an organic experiment in collaboration between actors and director, it is a triumph, co- created and co- owned by Hawke, Delpy and Linklater.”

This helps to explain the naturalistic conversations between the couple.

Screening of the film starts at 7.30pm in Tansley Village Hall.

Refreshments are available from 7pm.

No membership to see the screening is required.

The cinema has comfortable, upholstered seats, high definition projection on a 3.5 metre screen and clear, rich sound.

Tickets for the screening cost £4.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment by emailing tansleyfilm@googlemail.com or phoning 01629 584243/07748 545287.