Event will cause a stir at Fringe

Andy Millar
Andy Millar

The Geography of the Senses is to be the first Fringe event of this year’s Wirksworth Festival, and takes place on September 5, from 9am-4.30pm.

Based at the Derbyshire Eco Centre in the town, the day will be a blend of short expert presentations, discussion and practical outdoor activities.

Co-ordinator of Stir14, Alastair Clark, said: “This follows on from last year’s Stir13 which looked at Sense of Place. The event provoked so much interest that we thought we should take it one step further and explore how each of our senses contribute to the way we think of places.”

The scene will be set with short expert inputs from Tullis Rennie, Livvy Punnett and Nikki Wright on our senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and feel.

A digital link with New South Wales will enable Australian writer, Merrill Findlay, to explore the idea of a sixth sense.

To keep the conversation well stirred, organisers will invite short contributions on the role of the senses in inspiring music, painting and literature.

Musician Terry Loane said: “I came up from London for last year’s Stir13, where I had such a good time and learned so much from people with so many different backgrounds. No way was I going to miss Stir 14.”

The day is about doing and discussing and the afternoon will see small groups ‘walking and talking’ as they have just an hour to use a medium of their choice to record the effect of a short walk in the countryside on all of their senses

Booking is essential and this can be done online at www.stirringlearning.eu/stir14 The cost includes lunch, and cakes in the afternoon.

n Andy Miller is pictured at Black Rocks at Stir13