Jim’s work is in debut exhibition

AN exhibition of work by an artist who grew up in Matlock can be seen at Newcastle’s The Outsiders gallery from now until March 12.

Jim McElvaney was born in Chesterfield, raised in Matlock and is now based in Brighton.

The exhibition was launched at the gallery last week and Friday’s opening night proved to be one of the busiest the venue has seen, which bodes well for the rest of its stay there.

As the title of his debut solo exhibition, ʻPlans Create Problems, suggests, the 25-year-old artist creates expressive and often unplanned, spontaneous work, suggesting influences from a number of areas and genres, including expressionism, illustration, abstraction, and urban art.

The subjects of his portraiture range from the surreal and haunting to the witty and charismatic. These subjects are chosen not on a basis of recognition but on personal visual appeal with a focus on emotion. For more details on Jim McElvaney’s work and the exhibition itself, go to www.jimmcelvaney.com.