Julia’s work goes on display at cathedral

Derby Cathedral’s exhibition by Julia Vaughan, entitled Harbour Portals and Thresholds, will be on display throughout October in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge in the Cathedral Centre (Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm).

Julia is currently practicing as an art therapist and encourages her clients to use a wide variety of materials, saying: “A colour, shape or texture can express things that are difficult to put into words. Sometimes words alone don’t seem to be enough but images and words together can be effective in working towards exploring thoughts, feelings and memories.”

This work is the focus of her exhibition, a series of paintings in which she uses colour and visual images to explore the nature of family relationships and the personal experience of loss.

They were created over four years during her MA course so that they reflect a real therapeutic process of her own. “The making of these pictures was very beneficial in coming to terms with bereavement and with the resultant feelings of loss.”