Quad is on the ball this summer

Quad Gallery in Derby will focus on football and art with new exhibitions featuring film, sculptural and photographic works, as well as archival images and artefacts from Derby County FC.

The Pride and the Passion: Contemporary Art, Football & the Derby County Collection (opening on June 6 in Quad Gallery) and The Pride and the Passion: Derby County Football Club Through the Years and Grassroots (opening on May 26 in Quad’s Extra Gallery Spaces) will both be on display until September 7.

Football is a truly global sport; a game that can mean so much, to so many people. In a World Cup year, when all eyes turn to Brazil, The Pride and the Passion is an exhibition which documents the essence of ‘the football crowd’ and ‘the football icon’, documenting the energy, politics, tribalism, and zeal of the fan, and the status and impact of the hero figure, through a range of film, sculptural and photographic works. The Pride and the Passion also features a substantial amount of archival images and artefacts relating to Derby County FC, one of the oldest clubs in the world and one of the founder members of the Football League, in collaboration with The Derby County Collection.

The supporters of a football club, regardless of which part of the globe they reside, are the life essence of the game. They contribute financially by buying their match ticket and a cornucopia of club products. They stand – or sit – and chant and sing and urge their team to win, no matter the weather, no matter the occasion.

The exhibition features work by: Gad Salner, Jaskirt Dhaliwal, Jordan Basema, Harun Farocki, Stuart Roy Clarke, Jeanette Elhers, Ravi Deepres, Ronnie Close, Julie Henry & Debbie Bragg, Victoria Hall and the Derby County Collection. The exhibition is curated by Peter Bonnell and Michael Sargeant in collaboration with The Derby County Collection, with special thanks to Derby County Football Club for their support, and the National Football Museum, Manchester.