Quad to host first UK showing of exhibition

Quad in Derby presents the first UK showing of the exhibition Monocular by internationally-renowned artist Lindsay Seers.

Monocular is an intimate installation, first exhibited in Lofoten, northern Norway, which features a tin hut re-sited in Quad’s Gallery space. Within the structure is embedded a film work by Seers.

The narrator of the projected film is a Norwegian/English man whom Seers met by chance when travelling in Norway researching prefabricated structures.

The unnamed man has a rare condition called genetic mosaicism, caused by the fusion of two fertilized eggs at a very early stage of gestation in the womb. A sign of this condition is heterochromia – the possessing of eyes of two different colours – one of which is derived from the absorbed ‘twin’. What we hear in the surround sound track is the medium of film/sound talking to us as if it has become a man – it speaks of its haunted longing to represent. Like our protagonist’s unseen brother residing in his DNA, the implication is that this haunting is written into the medium at the level of its material structure.

It will be on display from September 27-December 1 and is free to visit.

For more information, please call QUAD Box office on: (01332) 290606 or go to: http://www.derbyquad.co.uk/exhibition/lindsay-seers-monocular