See Tom and co in Tansley Film screening

Tansley Film will be showing Captain Phillips (12A) in Tansley Village Hall on Tuesday, October 7.

The film is a tense thriller exploring the 2009 hijacking of the US container ship by Somali pirates. The film is directed by Paul Greengrass and offers Tom Hanks a showcase for yet another brilliant performance.

Tom Hanks is Richard Phillips; a marine captain. He is about to pilot an American container vessel on a hazardous 10 day journey around the Horn of Africa. He has received emails warning him of pirate attacks from Somalia.

Meanwhile, in a Somali fishing village, fisherman Muse and his village are being terrorised by a local warlord. The latter commands that Muse, played by newcomer Barkhad Abdi, they attack and hijack the expedition.

The film focuses on the relationship between the ship’s and pirates’ captain and the power struggle between the two.

Screening of the film starts at 7.30pm in Tansley Village Hall. Refreshments are available from 7.00pm. No membership is required. The cinema has comfortable, upholstered seats, high definition projection on a 3.5 metre screen and clear, rich sound. Tickets cost £4.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment - email or phone 01629 584243/07748 545287.