Thrilling time in store at QUAD thanks to film season

QUAD in Derby will be stepping into the world of femme fatales, serial killers, assassins, hostage situations, wire-tapping and political intrigue with a film season called Crime Time taking place in October, November and December.

The 15 films include iconic titles. It incorporates titles from the BFI Thriller season and States of Danger and Deceit: European Political Thrillers in the 1970s season from HOME, Manchester, plus a few classics exclusively screening at QUAD.

The Coen brothers’ thrilling debut Blood Simple from 1984 is restored in a new 4k restoration. The film possesses all the characteristics that propelled the Coen brothers to success – razor sharp dialogue; violence; fatalistic humour and an inventive focus on the tragicomic lives of idiosyncratic misfits.

Blood Simple: Director’s Cut (15) screens at QUAD on Friday, October 27, at 12:45pm and 8:30pm and on Saturday, October 28, at 1:45pm and 6:40pm.

The Wages Of Fear, from 1953, is set in South America where four shady characters find themselves thrust together on a dangerous job. They are each offered $2,000 to drive two trucks of highly volatile nitro glycerine to a remote oil field. Tension builds between the men as they inch their way over the treacherous mountain roads, in the knowledge that the slightest jolt could have explosive consequences.

The Wages Of Fear (PG) screens at QUAD on Monday, October 30, at 12noon and 6.10pm and on Tuesday, October 31, at 2.45pm and 8.50pm.

The Conversation, from 1974, stars Gene Hackman as Harry Caul in Francis Ford Coppola’s classic thriller. Caul is a surveillance expert, tasked with recording a couple by an unknown client. But what he captures raises unsettling, deadly questions and he is forced to engage with his work’s moral implications. Released around the time of the Watergate scandal, this is a haunting film about technology, alienation and guilt. The Conversation (12A) screens on Friday, November 3 at 12.30pm and 6.10pm and on Saturday, November 4, at 1.35pm and 9pm.

Pulse-pounding political thriller Z remains one of the most influential of all time winning the Best Foreign Language film Oscar in 1970, after also having also been nominated for Best Picture. Jean-Louis Trintignant plays a magistrate assigned to investigate the supposed accidental death of a left-wing politician, memorably played by Yves Montand. During the course of his work, he uncovers a series of deceits and lies that attempt to hide the real political motivation of the killing. Z (15 with subtitles) screens at QUAD on Monday, November 6, at 6:05pm and on Tuesday, November 7, at 12:25pm and 8:50pm.

Film tickets are £8.20 or £7 concessions.

A Crime Time Unlimited ticket, for entry to all 15 films in the season costs £50. For more information on the rest of the season, or to book, call QUAD box office, on 01332 290606 or see

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