War Horse and The Iron Lady at Quad

DERBY-BASED arts centre Quad will be showing a selection of cinematic treats on the big screen there over the next week or so, including two of the most talked-about current releases.

Commentators from both sides of the political divide have been quick to have their say on The Iron Lady (12A), so now you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about and just how good Meryl Streep’s much-discussed portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is. It can be seen from January 13-19.

War Horse (12A) is the latest offering from one of the all-time great film directors, Steven Spielberg. Based on Michael Morpurgo’s much-loved book, in turn adapted for a massively acclaimed National Theatre production, for which Derbyshire folk ace John Tams was an award-winning music consultant, it is set during the First World War and has been praised in some quarters as being one of the director’s better offerings of recent times. It can also be seen from January 13-19.

Other films during the week include Another Earth (12A), Fright Night (18), Wreckers (15), Dreams Of A Life (12A) and more. Call the box office for details on 01332 290606.