Zoo is delighted at its latest arrival

Twycross Zoo is delighted to announce the birth of a female vicuna.

This latest addition is yet another success to the zoo’s breeding programmes, which have already seen the births of two critically endangered Amur leopards, twin baby emperor tamarins, and an Asian elephant to name but a few in 2014. Visitors can now see the baby vicuna exploring her surroundings while mother Maxine and father Felix keep a close eye on her.

Vicunas are a member of the camel family and thought to be the wild ancestor of the alpaca. New born vicunas are known as ‘crias’ which comes from the Spanish word cría, meaning “baby”. The species is native to South America, occurring in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile and live in herds consisting of a dominant male with females and their offspring. When male vicunas are weaned from their mothers they often form herds of bachelors of up to 150.

Dr. Charlotte Macdonald, head of life sciences said: “At Twycross Zoo, we have several species that are involved in European breeding programmes and our vicuna have been a great success.”

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