BUXTON FRINGE 2014: Chance to see the return of Spoonface

Spoonface Steinberg
Spoonface Steinberg

Standing out from the crowd does not necessarily mean bringing a large cast. Indeed many of the most eagerly-awaited theatre shows involve just one performer.

Freerange Theatre’s Spoonface Steinberg returns for two afternoons as part of the company’s Unmissable Monologues at The Clubhouse.

Olivier Award-nominated actor Gerard Logan becomes Oscar Wilde in his prison cell in Wilde Without The Boy, and Patricia Hartshorne, accompanied by pianist Peter Dobson, combines horror and humour in her WWI production When The Band Begins to Play.

Expect action and adventure from Uproot Theatre Company with a one-man version of Treasure Island.

Sian Dudley takes that spirit of adventure online with WOW, a show exploring the idea of a virtual reality in which heroic fantasies are limitless. And a Lord of the Rings mega fan waits for his hero ‘Gandalf’ to sign his latest movie book in Chris Neville-Smith’s Waiting for Gandalf.

In Dreamshed Theatre’s mysterious His Letters, a bereaved man makes a strange discovery when clearing his late mother’s possessions.

The Angina Monologue, starring Doug Devaney, follows a patient on his comic journey, while Shrew from Ami Jones finds a woman trapped by her own under-whelming destiny.

Alan Bennett’s Talking Head, Soldiering On, focuses on the widowed wife of a stockbroker struggling to take control of her life.

Things become more than a little risqué in the taboo-busting Phone Whore starring Cameryn Moore as a phone sex operator. And Augustus Stephens threatens to bare body and soul in This Way Madness Lies in which his character runs away to the seaside.